TRN600 Cycling Mechanics

  • Drafting is allowed.

  • At least 5 members should be able to finish the challenge to receive the pledged financial support.

  • A team, whom along the challenge may have less than 5 members, due to a member/s not being able to continue, may still continue and complete the challenge. However, corresponding pledged donation will not be awarded.

  • No other unofficial bikers/support vehicle will be allowed to join the whole ride with the participants.

  • Participants may change bikes or any support from their SAG crew, but transporting/carrying participants using a vehicle is not allowed.

  • All rides should start at the same time at the same location.

  • Each team must finish altogether. This enables all team member will not be left behind and for safety reasons.

  • Participants are required to pass through aid stations to sign in for proper tracking and safety purposes.

  • Aid stations will be available at about 50 to 60 km apart with Bananas, electrolyte drinks and some sweets.

  • Each participant should reach each aid station within the time allotted, otherwise, that team/team member will be disqualified to continue. He/she should join his/her team’s support vehicle.

  • All participants must follow other cycling safety details included in the Cycling Safety Manual which contains proper riding hand signals, duties of the SAG/Support vehicle/s.

  • Participants who will not make it to the cut-off on each aid stations will not be allowed to continue. They will have to be fetched by their team’s SAG vehicle.

  • If any untoward incident arises, team captain has the responsibility to report it to the event head through phone call as soon as possible.

  • In case of bad weather or untoward any natural phenomena, the race organizer may alter/change, delay, re-schedule or cancel the whole activity without any refund.

  • This is a no-refund policy event.

  • All cyclists should have proper lightings specially when riding in the dark. This will be checked and non-compliance means no ride.

  • Each team should be self sufficient and is responsible for its members.

  • Each team is responsible to know the emergency contact number of each of their team members, contact number of event head and the contact number of the Medical team.

  • By joining this activity, each member should know and follow the aforementioned information

Note: The organizer reserves the right to change any of the information above without prior notice.

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